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Porter Knows Best- A source of inspiration

Sometimes it’s not always the person at the top who gives you the best ideas or inspiration. As it was coming up to my break today, my mind turned towards what I should have for lunch. Feeling uninspired, I kept on at my work when our kitchen porter, a mild mannered and sweet lady from Catalan appeared behind me and asked (with a twinkle in her eye that suggested that she knew the answer already) “Do you know how to make a typical sandwich of Catalonia?”



In its simplest form- a Catalan sandwich full of fresh flavours

“Uhhhhhmmmm…. No. I don’t think I do.” I said, trying to think of what she might be referring to.

“Ah, one moment” she said as she whisked a packet of Parma ham, a little loaf of ciabatta type bread and a tomato out of her bag.

The sliced the tomato in half and scrubbed it onto the inside of the bread, drizzled on some olive oil and sprinkled a little salt. “No butter or Mayo?” I asked

“Always in Catalan we use olive oil and sal.” She told me as she layered the Serrano ham inside the now lightly tomato coloured bread. “Do you want to try?” She asked cutting the sandwich in half. She explained that this was the first time that she had made this sandwich since she left her home country and moved to England.

I have been vegetarian for about six months now, so had to consider for a moment. But then, I’m not the Kind of person to turn down a taste of Catalan when it is offered to me, so I of Corse accepted. The taste was fresh, delicious, and the flavour of the lightly salted olive oil reminded me of when I was in Granada on holiday. “Yes, This is very typical” he informed me when I commented.

I’m glad I didn’t refuse the offer, and I’m definitely grateful that my lovely kitchen porter took the time to share her knowledge with me. Experiences like this just go to show that there is inspiration and knowledge to be taken from all people and in places that you might not initially think to look. The Catalan sandwich is definitely a flavour that will inspire my cooking this summer.

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