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In defence of eating beans on toast and that


I ❤ eggy bread


soup…. in a bowl…. just the way I like it.



Eggy bread (along with macaroni cheese, beans on toast, tortilla chips and salsa, Ramen and a load more super simple foods) is one of my favourite things to eat.”But you’re a chef, surelywhat you really want to eat is coq au vin with truffle shaving and a tower of soup!” I hope this doesn’t come accross too blunt… but no.

“But you’re a chef, surely what you really want to eat is coq au vin with truffle shaving and a tower of soup!”

As much as I like cheese produced by zen Buddhist monks in the Himalayas and dishes so immaculately turned out that they have to be constructed with a pair of tweezers and a microscope, none of this stuff is very comforting or wholesome. Eating poshed up or Michelin starred food is not really eating for nourishment or sating your hunger, these things are more of an experience, like going to an edible art installation.


Eating simple foods however can be provocative in a different way. When I broke up with my ex-boyfriend, my friend bought me a big tub of choccy ice cream and we ate that until we were fit to burst.

The “magic” ingredient in that was a teeny tot of brandy, *HYYYCK-UP!!!*

When I was ill when I was a kid, my mum would make me eggy bread and “fairy tea”. (It turns out the “magic” ingredient in that was a teeny tot of brandy, *HYYYCK-UP!!!*). Now when I eat/ drink these flavours I get a nice hug on a plate/ in a mug.



That time me and the head chef spent all day preparing a tasting menu, and everyone was blown away by the beans on toast.


Now that I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with cooking for a few years, I’ve found that oftentimes, the best foods are the simplest ones, just done really well. There was one time at work where we were supposed to be doing a food and beer matching event, we had crocodile steaks, king crab and kangaroo on the tasting menu, but disaster of disasters – whatever silly thing we ordered for the appetiser didn’t show up in the order. In a last-minute bid to make something half edible, the head chef and I made… posh beans on toast, and it ended up being practically everyone’s favorite dish. Learning how to boil pasta properly, make light, buttery scrambled eggs, or how to gently sweat down an onion creates a much better dish than trying to do something fancy for fanciness’ sake.



My sticky toffee pudding, like your grandma would make it…. Just “elevated”.

My boyfriend has a love of basic, everyday dishes, served in an “elevated” way. I personally love doing this. It seems to me that it shows more skill to make ordinary things shine than to use only the “finest” (read most expensive, inaccessible) ingredients available. We can’t eat lobster and caviar all the time, after all. Maybe it’s time to focus on the basics, and appreciate the everyday a little more.

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