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Kanten- Edible Art

I have a new thing that I want to master, and that is Kanten jellies. Since my head chef bought a pack of agar jelly for us to experiment with at work (our many veggie customers are a great incentive to learn how to use a new innovative ingredient!), I’ve been wanting to figure out how to use it at its best. The pack didn’t come with any precise instructions, and a lot of recipes id seen online only gave instructions for how much gelatine to use, so my attempts at vegetarian panna cotta ect came out as a bit of a mess. Eventually I stumbled across a video called Japanese Agar Jelly” which I sadly don’t understand a word of…because I don’t speak Japanese. But still, it was enough to put me in the right direction.

Here is my first attempt- I think they are pretty cute, and pleasing to the eye… but definitely not half as spectacular as professional Kanten desserts that send me all doe eyed. It’s supposed to look like flowers submerged in a little pond…. but sadly the “water” has come out a little to cloudy for you to really see the intricately cast  chrysanthemums submerged in the pool.

I’ve seen Kanten in the shape of coy carp, some delicately coloured and crystal clear with real sakura blossoms submerged within and others with underwater scenes. To get those results, I have a couple of bits of equipment I need to buy. I will definitely update when I my eBay orders of silicone fish moulds ect arrive!

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