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I Accidentally Bought VEGAN Frozen Yoghurt Instead Of Ice Cream!!!

… And it turns out that vegan frozen yoghurt ticks all the boxes!


While at the shops yesterday I had a real hankering for some coconut ice cream. I’ve had it at Asian restaurants, but have never quite been able to replicate it at home, so I decided to just go ahead and buy it.015 In my hurry I didn’t read the packaging properly, I just liked the fact that it said coconut on it and had a slightly bizarre drawing of a naked man and woman of the front. When I got it home and went for a quick taste before putting it away (taste testing is a very serious business, don’t ya know!) I was greeted by the lid which stated “BEHOLD, frozen yoghurt made from the milk of the coconut.”

“OH NO!!! In my haste I had bought VEGAN frozen yoghurt rather than creamy dairy filled ice cream.”


Not one to be fazed by such things, I offered some to my cat, but he went all existential on me and refused to take part (he had just eaten a tuna terrine which is more his thing anyway).

Ok, I thought. I’ll just have to try this alone. I took my first mouthful and it was… delicious. Creamy, and, best of all, very coconutty. I was pleasantly surprised. I’d liked the packaging and even more importantly I’d liked the contents of the packaging. It was everything that you’d look for in a coconut ice cream, even if you’re usually into the double cream, full fat dairy variety.

I checked out their website, and it turns out they do several different flavours of “Snowconut” and coconut yoghurt. They even do chocolate Snowconut… which means that they have pretty much captured my heart as I love chocolate and coconut together. As well as this, they support charities and are on a mission to “spread the coco-love far and choco snowconutwide by bringing together like-minded coconutters so you can enjoy the coco-clever things they make.”

So far, this seems to be my dream company, and their name is certainly going to be on my radar. Despite my initial trepidation about vegan frozen yoghurt as opposed to real dairy ice cream, I will definitely be buying Snowconut again!

(Please note, this blog post is NOT sponsored, I just accidentally bought this product and wanted to share the experience with y’all. Other forms of frozen yoghurt are available… I just haven’t tried them.)

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