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The Bath Brew House Does The Great Bath Feast


It isn’t every day that you come across a menu themed around an apparently arbitrary date…

Wildbeer…But an ‘October 8th’ themed menu was exactly what guests found tucked into their place settings at ‘The Bath Brew House And Wild Beer Co Food and Beer Matching Event’. Fortunately, Gareth Burgess, head chef at the Bath Brew house is not one to do things by halves and his four course tasting menu, expertly paired with craft beers by the Wild beer co certainly did not disappoint.

This was not the Brew House’s first food and beer matching event and the informal yet slick way the evening went made this obvious. On entry, guests were treated to a welcome drink – a Champagne style beer, Ninkasi, with a fruity flavour to please even the reluctant beer drinker: “I’m not usually a beer drinker,” explained attendee Hannah Vera, “but this is actually quite nice.”

As the representatives from the Wild Beer Co explained, this was a beer which was designed to be drunk like a champagne, so as well as having a very pleasant flavour, also had an ABV to knock a normal beer drinkers socks off (9%). Very relaxing stuff.


After getting to know our lovely co-attendees and being told a little about the beers that we were drinking we were introduced to our starter and first paired beer of the night. This course was inspired by Ringo Starr who on October the 8th 1964 passed his driving test: according to multiple sources, Ringo, being a vegetarian, would take a suitcase of beans with him on tour. So here we had our first 026dish: a sourdough and hot, spiced chilli bean bruschetta, paired with the suitably named “fresh”. It was delicious and the “fresh” paired perfectly with the gentle hum of spicy chillies.

This was followed by prawn, crab and avocado sliders then crocodile steak with mango and basil salsa. These were paired respectively with ‘Sourdough’, an almost cider like beer and ‘Bibble’, a more traditionally flavoured ale.
Giles Jenkinson, who was representing the Wild Beer Co, spoke to me during the event: “All together, the flavours are great,” he said, tucking into his crab and avocado slider, “and the citrus flavours in the sourdough are a natural match with seafood.” Many guests were surprised to see crocodile steak on the menu. It was a new experience for everyone, and although it didn’t actually rate as anyone’s favourite dish of the night they were all glad to have tried it.031

The final course was a popping candy topped pop star split with “John Lemon” cake and deep fried “Bruno Mars bar” chunks. This paired with the decadently flavoured “millionaire” beer, was absolutely delicious. Both the food and the beer screamed “indulgence”, and by the end of the night there were a lot of very full, chatty people, but barely a crumb of food left on their plates.

035The evening certainly wasn’t just about getting tanked up on alcohol and food (although there was no shortage of either), it really felt like a celebration of the truly social, fun and creative sides of food and drink. Everyone at the event experienced new things and really seemed to enjoy the experience. It was great to share a genuinely informative and eye opening evening with a group of friendly and interesting people. If you missed this event, it is not too late to get your tickets for the Brew House’s next event on the 22nd October which shall have a different, equally creative menu behind it:|beer-food-matching-event|552

For more info about Brew house food and events, follow @bbhchef on twitter

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