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Baby Girl: A fresh and fruity cocktail.

This is a cocktail that I invented for goodbye drinks with two amazing friends, and (maybe after a little too much) we christened it “Baby Girl”.

It’s got two layers, a lime layer (similar to Caipirinha) and a coconutty raspberry layer – it’s a little bit tropical, it’s a little bit like desert… and it even has one of your five a day in raspberries (just make sure it stays as just ONE of your five). This cocktail works better when prepared in advance as the colours become prettier as the drink settles, and the pips from the fruit sink the the bottom of the drink – so it’s great for parties: just make it ahead of time and pour over loads of crushed ice when ready.


Makes 6 long drinks

You will need:

  • A blender/ smoothie maker.
  • 6 glasses worth of crushed ice.
  • 6 slices of lime to garnish
  • 6 pretty straws… (optional, they can actually be as plain as you like)
  • a little Demerara sugar for garnish

for the lime section

  • 150ml (or 6 shots) of white rum
  • 150ml of lime juice
  • 100ml hot water
  • 6tbs demorara sugar
  • 400 ml cloudy lemonade
  • a couple of tsp of green food colouring (optional but makes the colours in the drink stand out better)

For The Raspberry Section

  • 150ml (or 6 shots) of coconut rum
  • 200g frozen raspberries
  • 400ml Cloudy Lemonade



1.Begin by refrigerating your glasses, so they are nice and cold and don’t melt your crushed ice when you add it later.

 2.Make the lime section of the drink by mixing together the 100ml hot water and Demerara and stirring until dissolved. Use the blender to thoroughly mix the rest of the lime ingredients together- don’t use a cocktail shaker otherwise the lemonade might spill over. Pop the drink into a separate container (preferably a pitcher)- eventually the foamy head will disappear and you’ll be left with a nice clear, green liquid.


It’s nearly party time…

3. Now make the raspberry section by blending together the raspberry ingredients. Again, be careful not to let the lemonade fizz over. Either allow the seeds to settle and carefuly pour the drink into another container (being careful not to let any of the seeds find their way into the new pitcher) or simply pour it through a sieve to remove these nasty bits.

4. When your ready to drink wipe a little lime around the edges of you’re glass, and dip the edge in Demerara sugar to give your glass a sparkly edge.

5.Fill your glasses with crushed ice and half fill with lime mix. Then, slowly pour in the raspberry mix onto the ice. Pouring slowly should help to stop the colours mixing too much.

6. If it has worked, you should have a glowing hint of bright green at the bottom of your pink drink- it should taste a little bit sweet, a little sour and very tropical and fruity. Add your slice of lime and straw, and enjoy!






Please enjoy alcohol responsibly. For more information on how to consume alcohol responsibly, please visit drink aware.


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