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Market my words, it’s the best way to shop.


time to veg out in the market.

Maybe I’ve been watching too many Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstal programmes, or maybe I don’t have enough to worry about, but lately I’ve been thinking about my (and the British public’s) dependency on big super markets. In the UK we buy 97% of our food and drink from supermarkets, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for our independent retailers. With the idea of singlehandedly saving the UK’s independent shops from the destructive power of big business, I headed out into town to do my weekly food shop.

Today i decided to give Sainsburys a miss and take a wander to the Guildhall Market. i had been there to buy wool and things for craft projects, but id never thought of it as a place to do my food shopping before. I had already decided that it would probably be more expensive and wouldn’t give me the variety of foods that i was looking for. 

In my never-ending quest to eat healthily I checked out the fruit and veg stall and indeed there were not 20 types of mushrooms, all perfectly arranged by size and colour, however I didn’t feel restricted by what they had on offer. To be honest, there were some things on the stall that I wasn’t familiar with from my time as a supermarket shopper. What oh what was i to do? I must have been doing my best lost puppy impression because the woman on the stall came over to give me a hand picking out some items that I might like, and even told me how to pack them so they didn’t get squished in my bag… how nice. haha.

…and here is the result:


a veritable cornucopia you might say…. you probably wouldn’t, but you could if you wanted!

For the princely sum of £10:13 I got all of this.(from top left to bottom right:plantain, okra, carrots, chicory, beetroot, pomegranate, mushrooms, mango, bananas courgette, broccoli, red peppers, butternut squash.) it came unto about the same as i usually spend on my veg shop at the supermarket where id usually just be bulk buying dull, uninteresting fruits and vegetables.

This is definitely something that I’m going to try again, because not only was it far more pleasant than being treated like a drone in a crowded supermarket, it feels good to know that im helping a smaller businesses to stay afloat, and the fact that many of the vegetables are seasonal and locally grown means its good for the environment.

And of corse delicious ingredients mean delicious recipes. Today A made myself a fruit salad with this fruit, topped it with pistachios, natural yoghurt and . Over the next couple of days I’m going to make my butternut squash red curry and ill be sharing the recipe here on my blog. its pretty easy, and I learned to make it while on holiday in a yurt… which is pretty fun in its self.

So I hope you have your chefs hat on next time I see you…. bye! 🙂

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